Hurricane Irma leaves nearly 6 million without power in Florida

Waves crash over a seawall from Biscayne Bay as Hurricane Irma passes through Miami Florida on Sunday. President Trump or his chief of staff have been in touch with the governor and the senators from the state

Hurricane Irma Update

About 6.5 million homes in Florida, two thirds of the total, are without power after Hurricane Irma cut a deadly path through the U.S. state, officials say.

Now the entire Georgia coast is under a storm surge warning as Irma continues its destructive march north.

A man died in Worth County, Georgia, on Monday while repairing the roof of a shed during sustained winds of 42 miles per hour (67 kph) with gusts up to 70 miles per hour (112 kph), a National Weather Service report said. Nonetheless areas of Tennessee, Alabama and western MS are expected to receive heavy rain as the tropical storm passes through.

"This is a particularly risky situation", a National Weather Service alert warned. Move to higher ground now.

"This is a life-threatening situation". Cities as far inland as Atlanta are under a tropical storm watch Monday and Tuesday.

"Irma is continuing to weaken as it moves across the western Florida peninsula, with the eye dissipating and weakening banding near the center", the National Hurricane Center said in its 8 a.m. forecast.

The Washington Post reports that the storm surge also raised water levels eight feet in two hours in Naples, with a rise in coastal water levels between 10 and 15 feet possible in other areas in the state.

The city of Jacksonville in northeast Florida ordered urgent evacuations on Monday.

The head of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, Brock Long, said it would take a long time for the state to recover, particularly in the Florida Keys. President Trump approved it.

Irma devastated much of Marco Island, off the southwest coast of Florida, leaving it with no electricity or clean water.

It could have been worse, but the impact of Hurricane Irma on Florida will nearly certainly still qualify as the worst storm in the state's history.

For a time, the mainland was cut off from the tourist mecca of Sanibel Island, known for its beaches and seashells that wash ashore from the Gulf of Mexico.

Hurricane Irma left a trail of damage across South Florida: flooded streets, downed trees, crushed cars, collapsed cranes, leaky homes. Interstate 95 in Duval County and parts of Interstate 75 and Interstate 95 in Miami-Dade County remained closed because of flooding or debris.

"I've been in the Keys for 40 years", Shelby Bentley told reporters at a non-operational gas station in Florida City.

In the dark: According to state officials, more than 50,000 customers are without power in Monroe County, Florida, which includes the Keys. In fact, the residents of the East Coast of the United States should keep track of Hurricane Jose now.

The full damage of Irma, which continued to pose a danger Monday as it made its way north to Georgia and beyond, has yet to be calculated.

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