Clinton shows she's still out of touch at her own book signing

Hillary Clinton finds more excuses for why she lost to Trump — including man you’d never expect

Hillary Clinton finds more reasons why she lost last year's election — and it's still not really her

Hillary Clinton, a candidate unhappy for the presidential election of 2016 in the face of a novice in politics, says it does not represent and recognizes that his defeat against Donald Trump's " still very sore ".

'But for that intervention I would have won, ' she said.

With crowds chanting "Hillary", it sounded more like a political rally than a book signing as Clinton arrived at the Barnes & Noble in Union Square.

Last month she released an extract from her book, What Happened, detailing one particularly tough experience - the incredibly intimidating second presidential debate.

Hillary will kick off her book tour tomorrow with a stop at Barnes & Noble in New York City's Union Square.

She said that Bernie Bros had harassed her online supporters. "He ends up in the Oval Office". She said that she was responsible for everything as her name was on the ballot. I had no idea, ' " Clinton said.

Hundreds of fans clamoured for Clinton's autograph on Tuesday as she signed copies of her book "What Happened", a memoir about her failed attempt to win last year's USA presidential election. She is scheduled to make 15 stops across the country to discuss the book.

In the Sunday interview, Clinton criticized Trump's inaugural address, which she said she attended in January out of a sense of duty, as a speech that spoke to the anger of some white voters. She consumed plenty of white wine. "If you've never done alternate nostril breathing, it's worth a try", she offers breezily.

The former secretary of state blames candidates including Vladimir Putin, James Comey, Democrat rival Bernie Sanders and the "deplorables" among Donald Trump's support for her failure to become the first U.S. female president.

Yet she said in the interview Sunday that she regretted skirting the State Department rules on the use of private email for government business.

Indeed, in excerpts of her book that have leaked, Clinton takes swipes at many Democrats, including rivals like Sen. 'I was just dumbfounded'.

She also put her gun of the blame on former President Barack Obama for not disclosing the information about Russian hacking among the Americans.

"I felt like I had let everybody down."
"I had not drafted a concession speech".

"The forces that were at work in 2016 were unlike anything that I've ever seen or read about".

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