Ian Paterson: Victims of disgraced surgeon get £37m

Patricia Welch, Judith Conduit and Frances Perks

Ian Paterson: Victims of disgraced surgeon get £37m

Around 750 private patients treated by disgraced breast surgeon Ian Paterson will receive compensation from a new £37 million fund.

It will be funded by Spire Healthcare and its co-defendants (or, in the case of Ian Paterson, his insurers) contributing a total of £37m to the Fund. Spire Healthcare's contribution will be £27.2m including a contribution to settlement costs.

Ian Paterson, who was employed as a consultant by the Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust, and who also operated in Spire's Parkway and Little Aston hospitals, was found guilty of the 20 charges he faced, the company said in April.

The announcement of the new fund is meant to halt further legal proceedings by private patients and account for any new claims made before October 2018.

Fellow medics at Solihull Hospital first raised concerns about his conduct in 2002 when it emerged Paterson, who grew up in County Down, Northern Ireland, was carrying out unregulated 'cleavage-sparing' mastectomies on cancer patients, which left them at higher risk of the disease returning.

Despite three reports into his actions, he carried on working until 2011 when he was suspended by the Trust.

In its statement, Spire said the agreement was conditional on all parties agreeing, and the court approving, the terms of a formal court order.

The NHS has been forced to pay out nearly £10m in compensation to more than 250 of Paterson's patients who were subjected to unnecessary breast operations.

"However, whilst nothing diminishes Mr Paterson's responsibility for his actions, these events took place in our hospitals, and this should not have happened".

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