WWE Posts Storyline Update on Vince McMahon

WWE Posts Storyline Update on Vince McMahon

WWE Posts Storyline Update on Vince McMahon

The Prizefighter hit The Chairman where it hurtsWhat's the story?

Kevin Owens walked out to open the WWE Smackdown in Las Vegas by asking Board Chairman Vince McMahon to come down and address the situation between him and the indefinitely suspended Shane McMahon.

In case you didn't know.


Finally at the end of the show, the real face that runs the place, Vince McMahon, came down to the ring and called Kevin Owens out.

As expected, Baron Corbin got involved in Tye Dillinger's shot at AJ Styles' U.S. Championship.

The segment was convincing and did more to sell the KO vs. Shane match than months of bickering promos could.

Owens agreed to this, but wanted Vince to promise that he won't fire him after he destroys Shane, and that he also won't be fired if a McMahon provokes him and he then beats them senseless. Vince McMahon said that he would be open to firing Owens on the spot and make him go bankrupt if he actually filed a lawsuit.

A headbutt, followed by an all-out assault from Owens, and Vince got no way to retaliate or even saved himself against the savage.

After being helped by medical personnel, Raw Commissioner Stephanie McMahon returned to WWE programming and helped her father to the back to close the program.

This grudge match joins Jinder Mahal vs. Shinsuke Nakamura for the WWE Title (a rematch from SummerSlam) as one of only two matches revealed for the pay-per-view thus far.

What happens next will be very interesting, considering that Hell in A Cell is still many a few weeks away.

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