Whatsapp May Offer "Delete for Everyone" Feature in Coming Weeks

Whatsapp May Offer

Whatsapp May Offer "Delete for Everyone" Feature in Coming Weeks

The dedicated recall server is now working and successfully deleting messages. Also if the server works, this does not mean that the feature is now enabled. Now the Whatsapp bringing Delete For everyone Feature soon. Also, the recall button will work with all types of messages like GIFs, videos, texts, documents and more. However, only messages that have not been read by the receiver can be recalled.

It is important to note that the other person WILL still get a notification, but it will say "This message was deleted", meaning you're going to have to get really creative with your excuse. WhatsApp has your back, however, with the messaging client's latest beta allowing you to delete those embarrassing messages of you slamming a can on your head that you sent. "It is actually disabled by default and it's under development", reads a previous tweet from the site.

While that is something WhatsApp will have to explain, its 1 billion-plus users are just waiting to sample the new feature.

As this is a leak we don't have official information about where and when this feature will be rolling out, but we have contacted WhatsApp for comment and will let you know official information once we have it. It said that the new tools are being tested through a closed pilot programme with BookMyShow and 1mg. With WhatsApp Business, the company will start monetizing the app; now it is also under the testing phase.

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