Trailer 'full of people' found in Texas, police say

At least 17 immigrants found inside a trailer in Texas

Trailer 'full of people' found in South Texas, police say

EDINBURG, Texas- Police found 17 undocumented immigrants locked inside a trailer in Edinburg on Sunday, according to reports from a CBS affiliate.

There were no ambulances observed on the scene, and Edinburg police did not report any injuries or casualties.

The trailer was found at a Flying J truck stop on Monte Cristo road. After receiving a call from a relative of an individual inside the trailer, Edinburg police said they arrived on the scene and began knocking on tractor-trailers. He reported that the trailer was getting too hot inside for them, according to reports.

Edinburg police tell KRGV that Border Patrol will be taking over the investigation.

A male and female of Cuban nationality who were accountable for the tractor-trailer were kept, police said. They were drinking filtered water while Border Patrol operators directed the examination.

Check back for more details on this developing story.

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