CIA director: 'No intelligence' to suggest USA on cusp of nuclear war

US wants India to make North Korea understand the situation

CIA director: 'No intelligence' to suggest USA on cusp of nuclear war

U.S. President Donald Trump and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe should talk to the North Korean leader about what is expected of his country, Ri said, adding that it is apparent that Pyongyang's priorities are to ensure the regime's survival through a peace treaty with the United States and the normalization of diplomatic ties with Japan, as well as to bring in investment.

Asked if that meant that he does not expect any future missile tests, Pompeo said he is "quite confident" that North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un "will continue to try to develop a missile program, so it wouldn't surprise me if there was another missile test". "President Trump has made it clear that it is his intention to protect the American people".

The top US intelligence official said on Sunday he would not be surprised if North Korea tested another missile, given that it had two tests in July, amid rising tensions between the two nations. "We are hopeful that the leader of that country will understand them in precisely the way they are intended, to permit him a place to get where we can get the nuclear weapons off the peninsula".

Friday: The US president warns that military solutions are "locked and loaded" should North Korea "act unwisely".

Before that, however, North Korea's military announced it was working on a plan to "contain" the U.S. air, naval, and missile bases on the Pacific island of Guam by firing four intermediate-range ballistic missile (IRBMs) to "envelop" it.

At the end of July, North Korea test-fired an improved intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM), a Hwasong-14, that could strike the USA mainland, purportedly, as far east as Chicago.

The US Central Intelligence Agency Director Mike Pompeo says he wouldn't be surprised if North Korea tested another missile, given that it had two tests in July.

A U.S. nuclear expert has warned that Kim Jong-un might be coming closer to being able to produce a hydrogen bomb, also known as thermonuclear weapon, as it is able to produce tritium, a key element.

These comments come following a week of verbal escalation between the United States and North Korea.

"The current situation on the Korean Peninsula is highly complicated and sensitive".

"This administration has done a fine job of not drawing red lines that we're not prepared to enforce", Pompeo said.

North Korea is thought to have developed a miniaturized warhead, and a more advanced intercontinental ballistic missile, that would enhance its ability to deliver a nuclear payload against the U.S.

In an interview with German newspaper group RND, Gabriel said the manoeuvres "could lead to North Korea using the opportunity for renewed provocation, for example, by firing an intermediate-range missile at Guam".

"The United States military is always locked and loaded, but the objective of capable, ready forces is to preserve peace and prevent war", he said.

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