Hairdresser transforms depressed teen's matted hair for school photos

Hairdresser transforms depressed teen's matted hair for school photos

Hairdresser transforms depressed teen's matted hair for school photos

Kayley Olsson recently refused to shave a client's head when they requested it after coming into her salon for the first time.

A hairdresser has helped a teen battling depression who felt "so worthless she couldn't even brush her hair".

The girl, who was due to start back at school in a few weeks, had asked the hairdresser to just shave off her matted locks rather than go through the pain and hassle of untangling them.

Instead of having to possibly shave her head, Kayley spent 13 hours over two days completely transforming the young girl's hair into a handsome new hairstyle.

It took 13 hours to detangle the girl's hair for her school photos.

"After being here for eight hours yesterday and five hours today, we finally made this lovely girl smile and feel like she IS worth something".

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She said: "She got to the point where she felt so down and so worthless she couldn't even brush her hair, she told me she only got up to use the restroom".

"She has her school pictures today". When she walked in she told us just cut it all off I can't deal with the pain of combing it out, she called herself worthless for it. It honestly broke my heart and we tried everything we could to keep this child's hair for her!

"At the end of the day I want this to be a lesson to people", she wrote.

"Mental health is a thing, it effects people all around the world and of all ages!", Olson wrote on the post.

"I was heartbroken. I know what if feels like to feel worthless and depressed".

"When I got the last knot out of her hair, I looked at her and said "it's all out" and we cried happy tears", Olsson said of the experience. Don't just push your kids off and tell them to get over something they legitimately can't. I had a client like the past but she was an older lady, bed ridden. totally gave me a new perspective on being a stylist when she cried from being so thankful'.

Olsson says since the young woman left the salon Tuesday she has been in contact with her.

"You did a attractive job".

We have talked about depression many times to know how it completely engulfs a person and blinds them to an extent that they can't see themselves for the people they are.

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