Paramount Is Making a Leonardo da Vinci Biopic Starring Leonardo DiCaprio

Leo Meet Leo: Paramount, Universal Vie For Walter Isaacson Da Vinci Book For DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio to star as Leonardo Da Vinci in upcoming biopic

Veteran actor and Hollywood heartthrob Leonardo DiCaprio is set to take on his namesake in an upcoming film about the life of artist and inventor Leonardo Da Vinci. It is reported that Paramount has acquired the rights to the book on Leonardo Da Vinci by Walter Isaacson, thus beating Universal in a bid to make this film.

Isaacson wrote Steve Jobs, which was turned into the Danny Boyle-directed film that starred Michael Fassbender.

According to a Variety report, DiCaprio always wanted to play the prominent artist considering he was named after him because his pregnant mother was looking at one of da Vinci's paintings at a museum in Italy when he first kicked.

ICM Partners brokered the deal for Isaacson and his book, "Leonardo da Vinci", in advance of its release.

The book also reveals Da Vinci to be an easily distracted illegitimate child, who was also left-handed, gay, and a vegetarian to boot. The biopic will star fellow Leo, Leonardo DiCaprio. Appian and Paramount are separately percolating several projects including an adaptation of the Kayla Olson novel Sandcastle Empire, about an apocalyptic future with a society on the brink of collapse from climate change; a yet-untitled film based on a book proposal by New York Times journalist Jack Ewing about the recent Volkswagen diesel emissions scandal; and a limited television series based on A. Scott Berg's Pulitzer Prize-winning biography of Charles Lindbergh.

In his last film "The Revenant", DiCaprio portrayed frontiersman, Hugh Glass, the role which won him the best actor Oscar for the first time.

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