FDA Advises Against Taking PharmaTech Liquids Due to Threat of Bacterial Contamination

A major concern is that infection by Burkholderia cepacia may be hard to treat, as the bacteria shows resistance to several antibiotics, the CDC warned. According to the Food and Drug Administration, the products were distributed to wholesale and retail facilities, including hospitals and pharmacies. Consumers can contact their physician or healthcare provider if they have additional questions about this product. The latest safety alert covering all PharmaTech liquid products was issued after the FDA determined that other products may be contaminated. An FDA investigation traced the source of infection back to 10 lots of oral liquid docusate sodium manufactured by PharmaTech. A number of the infections required intensive medical care.

Investigators also detected B. cepacia in the water system used to manufacture the product.

At the time, the FDA advised healthcare professionals and patients not to use liquid docusate products made at PharmaTech's Davie, Florida, facility. You can consult the FDA recall announcement for a list of recalled products with photos.

These products, which include various drugs and dietary supplements intended for use in infants and children, have been linked to a PharmaTech-manufactured product connected to severe adverse event reports of B. cepacia infections in patients.

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