Hundreds face off at white nationalist rally

Violence in Charlottesville

Video Activists fight ahead of far-right rally

Virginia state police said one of their agency's helicopters that was assisting law enforcement officers monitoring the white nationalist rally here today crashed outside Charlottesville, killing two troopers.

Trump often has talked casually, even dismissively of violence, once telling supporters at a political rally that he would pay their legal fees if they assaulted protestors at the event.

Terry McAuliffe declared a state of emergency in the city and police ordered the crowds to disperse.

Trump, on a working vacation at his New Jersey golf club, had meant to speak briefly at a ceremony marking the signing of bipartisan legislation to aid veterans, but he quickly found that those plans were overtaken by the escalating violence in the Virginia college town.

In May, a torch-wielding group that included prominent white nationalist Richard Spencer gathered around the statue for a nighttime protest, and in July, about 50 members of a North Carolina-based KKK group travelled there for a rally, where they were met by hundreds of counter-protesters.

President Donald Trump, a man known for his bluntness, was anything but on Saturday, failing to name the white supremacists or alt-right groups at the center of violent protests in Charlottesville, Virginia. The First Amendment protects the rights of all Americans to speak their minds peaceably, but violence, brutality, and murder have no place in a civilized society. Nineteen others were injured in the crash.

"It is terribly sad to see anger and hatred take over when we all know that resolving disagreements peacefully is the path to better, more united communities".

"Numerous protesters have been arrested in Charlottesville as torch-carry white nationalists, yelling "white lives matter" and Nazi slogans, marched through the University of Virginia Friday night, punching counter-protestors and some using pepper spray", state police said. Go home. You are not wanted in this great commonwealth. You have made our commonwealth stronger.

The president should remember that "white Americans" put him in the White House, Duke wrote. "And we will not let anybody come here and destroy it". "Our hearts go out to the victims of the violence today, and we redouble our commitment to combat hate", said Kristen Clarke, president and executive director of The Lawyers' Committee.

The auto incident occurred after clashes nearby that injured 15 people and were marked by fist fights, rocks being hurled and the use of pepper spray. He said Trump "openly seized upon these hatreds during his campaign, and continues to traffic in divisive rhetoric and hateful policies in the White House". "The hate and violence that has occurred in Virginia is despicable".

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