Japan Deploys Missile Defense Over NKorea Threat to Guam

A PAC-3 Patriot missile unit is seen deployed in the compound of Defense Ministry in Tokyo Thursday Aug 10 2017

A PAC-3 Patriot missile unit is seen deployed in the compound of Defense Ministry in Tokyo Thursday Aug 10 2017

German Chancellor Angela Merkel responded Friday to Trump's tweet, saying she sees no military solution to North Korea crisis.

North Koreans have lived for decades with the state media message that war is imminent, the U.S.is to blame and their country is ready to defend itself.

In August a year ago, the North's Foreign Ministry warned that all us military bases in the Pacific including Guam would "face ruin in the face of all-out and substantial attack" by the North's military.

At a church in central Guam on Sunday, parishioners sang "Lord, we pray for world peace" after discussing the potential North Korean threat.

US Defence Secretary James Mattis also issued a strong warning to North Korea to "cease any consideration of actions that would lead to the end of its regime and the destruction of its people".

Of course, if the United States determines that North Korea has launched a missile targeting the United States, the President would have to decide whether to retaliate.

The US President vowed North Korea would be met with "fire and fury" if the hermit state dares to launch an attack. Washington and Seoul say the exercises are defensive in nature and crucial to maintaining a deterrent against North Korean aggression. They are used to the threats from North Korea.

"North Korea better get their act together, or they are going to be in trouble like few nations have ever been in trouble", Trump said, flanked by Vice President Mike Pence. "Hopefully Kim Jong Un will find another path!" It is important that the USA does not push North Korea into a dead end so they feel they are left with no options.

This week, North Korea hinted at the possible response when its military threatened to "burn up all the objects" in South Korean provinces near the border, including Seoul, a metropolitan area of 25 million people.

Following the North's second ICBM test, Moon took a hard line, ordering his military to schedule talks with Washington on allowing heavier warheads for South Korean missiles and to work with USA military commanders on adding launchers to a US missile-defense system based in South Korea.

"I don't think North Korea has a good measure of how accurate the missile is at this point", said Michael Elleman, an expert with the International Institute for Strategic Studies. "If the explosion is some distance away, it could take 30 seconds or more for the blast wave to hit".

Cicilline said Trump "has made a risky situation even worse by recklessly asserting that the United States is "locked and loaded" to bring "fire and fury" to North Korea". The statement says that "only absolute force" can work on someone as "bereft of reason" as Trump.

"They're now telegraphing their punch, which means they don't want to have any misunderstandings".

Meanwhile, Japanese government spokesman Yoshihide Suga said Pyongyang's actions were "provocative to the region including Japan as well as to the security of the global community".

On Saturday, some of Japan's land-based Patriot Advanced Capability-3 (PAC-3) missile interceptors began arriving at Japanese Self Defense Forces (SDF) bases in three of the four prefectures any North Korean missiles would likely fly over en route to Guam. Previously Japan's position was only to shoot down missiles headed for its own territory.

The North Korean statement also says the military action its army "is about to take" will be effective for restraining America's "frantic moves" in and near the southern part of the Korean Peninsula. North Korea's threats to strike around Guam pose a serious challenge, a spokesman at South Korea's Joint Chiefs of Staff told reporters on Thursday.

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