Iran parliament increases missile funds in response to USA sanctions

Iran Parliament approves anti-US bill

Iran Parliament ratifies motion to counter US' 'terrorist' acts

Lawmakers on August 13 overwhelmingly approved the outlines of the bill to "counter America's terrorist and adventurist actions" as some chanted "Death to America", state-controlled television reported.

A total of 247 lawmakers were present at the parliament session.

The vote came after fresh USA sanctions in July against Iran, targeting Tehran's missile programme.

He described the legislation as wise and said that government of President Rouhani will support it.

'The bill has very wisely tried not to violate the JCPOA and also give no chance to the other party to manipulate it, ' Araqchi said.

The measure would also allocate over $260 million each to Iran's ballistic missile program and the Quds Force - the external arm of the IRGC, which has sent military advisers to Iraq and Syria to fight terrorists.

They jointly presented the bill based on their hierarchy and in coordination with the Iranian Supreme National Security Council.

The motion was designed in view of continued bellicose policies of the United States towards Iran, and its persisting measures aimed at endangering peace and security in the region, it said.

The bill also urges the above-said ministries and military bodies to annually report to the Majlis on the implementation of their plans.

It also took into account America's enmity towards the Iranian government and people and their interests through supporting terrorism and violent extremism, as well as taking adventurous actions, creating divisions, and stoking sectarianism.

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