Total Solar Eclipse: Experience and Learning Resources

An illustration of the sun's corona during an eclipse in 1871

An illustration of the sun’s corona during an eclipse in 1871. Wellcome Library London CC BY 4.0

Visitors to The Children Museum in West Hartford will be able to view the partial solar eclipse on August 21, 2017, through a specially-equipped telescope. Any observers located within the 70-mile-wide path of the shadow (called the path of totality) will witness a total solar eclipse.

So, on August 21, make sure you have your eclipse viewer handy (which you can buy or make - sunglasses won't be enough to protect your eyes!) And, keep an eye on the weather. The eclipse will end in Great Falls at 12:57 p.m. Maximum coverage will happen at 1 p.m.

Check listings for additional air-times. The reasoning: the most recent solar eclipse to cross through the area.

With that, the rise of fake solar glasses is also not a new thing now that a total solar eclipse is expected on Monday, Aug. 21.

The path of totality (where the sun is completely obscured) entered just above Portland, Ore.; passed through Denver, Colo. before exiting off the east coast of Central Florida. If you want to see what the sun looks like, use a properly-equipped telescope.

"Because the earth is a sphere, the people in OR are going to experience a shorter eclipse because the moon's shadow has to travel just a bit further to touch the earth", Nelson said.

Luckily, you've got options. "We want customers to buy with confidence anytime they make a purchase on and eclipse glasses sold on are required to comply with the relevant ISO standard".

What time will the partial eclipse happen in NY? Looking at the sun directly with no eye protection will damage your eyes; an eclipse of any degree does not change this. Needless to say, a lot of you will be reaching for the phone camera in your pocket to try and immortalize the event.

During the viewing event, it's a good idea to bring a chair, hat, and water as it may be a warm day.

If you plan to watch the solar eclipse, you have options.

The best of the apps are the Smithsonian's Eclipse 2017 and Eclipse Safari, which offer science history, and best practices for why you need to wear your solar glasses during the time of totality, respectively.

According to NASA, the only safe way to look directly at the eclipse when some of the sun's rays are visible is through "special-purpose solar filters, such as "eclipse glasses" ... or hand-held solar viewers".

You should never look at an eclipse with the naked eye, but there are plenty of other unsafe methods to avoid, as well. Ask your local eye doctor's office if they carry these glasses.

2,432 Number of days until total solar eclipse in Syracuse!

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