The International 2017 Grand Final

Image via Valve

Image via Valve

This year, two curses were upheld: the East-West flip-flop curse, and the "no repeat winner" curse. They played their game and got outplayed. Formerly, Liquid's Dota squad was American, but this European one took the crown in a more volatile and profitable environment.

Now, however, one of eSports' most iconic franchises has claimed Dota 2's biggest prize, as Team Liquid emerged as the winning side of The International 7, taking home over $10 million United States dollars in prize money for its victory.

To claim the Aegis of Champions today, they had to fight through a pool that kept the world at the edge of their seats. In a largely unsurprising turn of events, each western team has been knocked out, barring Netherlands-based Team Liquid, who are set to face LGD.Forever Young in the semi-finals on Saturday the 12h of August.

Newbee originally entered the tournament as one of the Chinese favorites to win, given its consistent, strong presence throughout the competitive season.

Even though TL defeated Empire, Resolut1ion had an unbelievable run for a team I considered to already be one of the weakest going into the event.

But Newbee came back with a vengeance during the main event when they met LFY during the Upper Bracket Finals, which determined the first Grand Finalist. Newbee will be taking home US$3.9mil (RM16.7mil).

For as easy as Team Liquid might have made it look toward the end of The International 7, however, the journey to the Grand Finals was incredibly hard. Liquid faced a number of teams in the lower bracket that were widely favored over the European Union squad, including LGD. And the result of that match was 2-1 in a best of 3 rounds.

Newbee move on the Grand Finals.

The dominating snowball style of Team Liquid shone in each game of the Grand Finals. There is one very simple thing Newbee's opponents have to at least consider, (I think this is essential but who am I to tell them what to do) ban Earth Spirit. But the most impressive-and game winning-was one final Juggernaut slash by Miracle-, superpowered by a Double Damage rune that helped to wipe out the entirety of Newbee. Although Liquid earned a few teamfight wins throughout the mid game and late game, LFY's advantage proved to be too much to handle.

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