Kylie Jenner pregnancy rumors are circulating

Kylie Jenner

Instagram BIRTHDAY SUIT Kylie Jenner stripped down to tiny knickers as she celebrated turning 20

In a story filed by Alexia Fernandez, an unnamed source is quoted as saying, "Kylie and Travis are doing great". Fans have been spreading the news through social media after Kylie was spotted wearing an oversized tee shirt. At one point in the premiere episode, Kylie told the viewers how concerned she was about not being able to use her Lamborghini, proving just how different her world was from most of her fans who, unlike her who only suffers from Lamborghini guilt, are earning just enough to make ends meet. There are conflicting reports about the pregnancy but Kylie has yet to address the rumors herself. Sources have told Life and Style Magazine that Kylie has also been trying to stay out of the spotlight due to her pregnancy.

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star accessorized with a single necklace.

Jenner enjoyed a chocolate fountain among other treats and fans are confident that the star's sweet tooth was in overdrive due to her being pregnant.

However, Kylie Jenner's new show, Life of Kylie, has already been slammed as boring because it doesn't mention anything about Kylie's love life, and it has been reported that the star isn't interested in talking about Tyga or Travis Scott on the show.

"She's so rich she can't even invent a convincing obstacle to surmount on her reality TV show - when Jenner and her gang get devastating news that the private jet they're supposed to take to Sacramento has broken down, they just call and ask for a different private jet", said The Daily Beast.

As CI readers know, Kylie is 20-years-old now, but she can't wait to turn 21.

"The show was a disaster - no one liked it", says an LA TV source. The timing for the couple to start a family of their own is not ideal and Kylie is only 20-years-old.

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