Double Tap To Zoom Is Coming To The Google Camera Via Update

Google Camera version 4.4 update adds double-tap to zoom, new buttons (updated)

Google Camera v4.4 in the Play Store brings selfie flash, double-tap to zoom and more

The newly updated app is now available for download from the Google Play Store. Obviously, the United States is one of them.

The previous version introduced front-facing selfie flash (thanks to a full white display that flashes right before taking the shot), and this one comes with a few new features and changes, a lot of them quite hard to notice.

Android O

To use the feature, users can tap on the flash icon while the front-facing camera is in use and select "automatic" or "on". These features are part of the 4.4 version of the Google Camera so if you aren't sure if the update has been applied, as it could have happened automatically if you have this setting enabled, then all you will need to do is check the version number to be sure. First off, you can still use the initial method of swiping to move between the picture and video capture functions, but Google has also now added in a button next to the shutter button for video capture, so swiping won't be necessary if it will be easier for you to simply tap a button to enable video recording.

The double-tap to zoom function is a simple gesture that will zoom the camera to 50 per cent, and then zoom it out again, when users double-tap on the screen.

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