Elon Musk's AI bot beats world-class gamers at Dota 2

OpenAI's bot defeats top Dota 2 player

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While some think it will cause the doomsday for the humanity, others think it will take humanity to the next level.

The bot which had been playing with several players in the world both amateurs and professionals, today faced the Dendi (one of the leaders in Dota 2) at the main stage of The International (annual Dota 2 tournament).

According to the OpenAI website, their bot has taken down SumaiL and Arteezy as well, the two Dota players best suited to facing off against a bot one on one.

As its Chairman Elon Musk had tweeted, competitive e-Sports are more complex than traditional board games like Chess & Go.

The reason Dota 1v1 is considered a complex game is because the players must learn to plan, attack, trick, and deceive their opponents.

Open AI's bot dispatches Dota 2's top players live at TI7. "The correlation between player skill and actions-per-minute is not strong, and in fact, our AI's actions-per-minute are comparable to that of an average human player". In the above video you can see that our bot has learned - entirely via self-play - to predict where other players will move, to improvise in response to unfamiliar situations, and how to influence the other player's allied units to help it succeed.

Even though the game was not being played in full-scale by either side, crowd-favorite Dota 2 pro Dendi got defeated emphatically in a 1-vs-1 match with the bot. In the meantime, the company said it will soon let anybody play against the bot.

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