Facebook acquires startup focused on video-editing

Facebook bought a small German startup that can add and remove objects in videos

Facebook Acquires Startup That Specializes in Adding and Removing Objects From Videos

Facebook recently bought a startup with an expertise in video manipulation, Deutsche Startups reported.

Facebook has acquired the German computer vision startup Fayteq for an undisclosed amount. The startup is Germany-based, with its LinkedIn page suggesting that it has between 11-50 employees, and a statement on Fayteq's website claiming that its "products and services are not available for purchase".

A Facebook representative confirmed the acquisition when contacted by Business Insider on Friday, but declined to discuss the terms of the deal.

The addition of post-production capabilities to Facebook's stack, reports suggest that Fayteq specializes in both the addition and removal of objects to video content, would further its strategy of enhancing animated content on the network.

Of course, being able to add objects to live video and remove them or cover them over on the fly is also something that can be put to interesting use in the emerging field of augmented reality.

Fayteq had been selling plugins for video editors like Adobe After Effects that allowed video editors to track objects in videos, and then add or remove assets with the help of the tracking data.

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