Twitter is running another TV commercial

Twitter is running another TV commercial

Chance The Rapper Mocked By David Crosby In Twitter Ad

The idea is that people everywhere can converse with each other (and with celebrities) about shared interests. "We spotlight the voices of fans, press, influencers and artists-every side of the conversation-at the speed of Twitter". It features Chance the Rapper as he sends out a tweet asking for song requests.

One of the main arguments in favor of social-networking companies is that they're poised to grow by taking TV ad dollars.

Toward the end of the ad, 75-year-old Crosby also tells Chance, "I could up your game", causing both the rapper and rocker to smile before Chance rides a bike onstage to perform. Plenty reply, including the legendary David Crosby, who says: "How about any song with real instruments?". Twitter explained the campaign in a blog post.

Twitter revealed a new commercial, and shared it on their own platform.

Crosby's appearance in the clip was a cheeky nod to a message he wrote on Twitter in 2015, stating, "Rap isn't music".

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