Rabri Devi wants 'good looking' and 'homely' bahus for her minister sons

Ara-Chapra bridge

The newly-constructed Ara Chapra bridge which will be inaugurated by Bihar CM Nitish Kumar on Sunday

Rabri Devi replied that she is looking for a "sanskari" bride for both men, but especially for Tej, who is apparently very religious.

On this occasion, Current CM of Bihar- Nitish Kumar visited 10 Circular road to greet, extend his wishes and said, "Lalu Prasad has contributed immensely to Bihar Politics and our society". The Income Tax department is investigating land deals worth around Rs. 1,000 crore that it says involve the Yadav family. "We are searching for girls who will respect elders like me", she said.

Tejashwi has said that he will abide by his parent's decision and will marry the lady whom he considers best for the family.

So her statement about the "type" of women she wants her sons to marry, reported byTimes of India, is a sad departure for a woman who managed to break out of the patriarchal shackles, in spite of her circumstances. "We will not insist on being given any dowry except, maybe, a cow", said the RJD chief, who is known for his love for cows and prides himself on hailing from a cowherd's caste.

The Sonepur-Digha bridge was earlier meant for rail project only, but after becoming the railway minister in 2004 Lalu Prasad impressed upon the UPA government to incorporate road part of the bridge too to smoothen road connectivity between South and North Bihar, he recalled. She said she will celebrate Chhath after the wedding of his two sons. She was addressing the media on the sidelines of RJD supremo Lalu Prasad Yadav's 70th birthday on Sunday.

Tej Pratap's favourite hobby seems to be getting himself photographed in various avatars, including the flute-playing Lord Sri Krishna.

"I did not show those photographs to my sons as I myself did not like them", Rabri Devi added.

Their eldest daughter, Misa Bharti, is now a Rajya Sabha member.

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