Kitten rescued after getting stuck in Tesla bumper

Adrian Pop  EyeEm  Getty Images  EyeEm File

Adrian Pop EyeEm Getty Images EyeEm File

A Tesla Model X owner - who was not identified - posted two videos on Saturday showing service techs removing the terrified animal from the vehicle. "I located the's definitely coming from inside the bumper", says the man filming the video while his camera pans over his Tesla Model X auto.

After a thorough search, I located the meow coming from within my Model X's rear bumper.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk shared videos on Twitter Saturday afternoon of a Tesla owner hearing a kitten meow while trapped inside the bumper of his Model X, and the subsequent rescue with the help of the Tesla Service Center.

A second video shows a Tesla Service Center employee gently prying the kitten out of the auto. The video was uploaded to YouTube by an unnamed man who also uploaded another video where a kitten can be heard mewing from somewhere inside the vehicle.

The mechanics gave the cat water as soon as it was dislodged and one even offered to give it a forever home, according to S U.

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