London Grenfell Tower Fire: Protesters storm Townhall, seek 'justice' from Tory government

Samira Lamrani told the Press Association: "The windows were slightly ajar, a woman was gesturing that she was about to throw her baby and if somebody could catch her baby".

"It's disgraceful. I don't think people are going to stand for this much longer", she added.

"She moved quickly to call a public inquiry into the fire and has said she will green light whatever is necessary", he says.

As he spoke, chants began of "not 17" - questioning the death toll, which was previously said to be 17 but has been repeatedly revised upwards as authorities warn it will continue to rise. They had lived on the 22nd floor of the tower. In those cases, Syndercombe Court said experts would need a DNA sample from other family members or need to see if there are any reference samples available elsewhere, like a hospital blood or tissue test. Syndercombe Court said even tiny fragments of teeth or bone could help, explaining that DNA tests can be run on as few as 10 to 20 cells. At around 3am, neighbours knocked on their door and they went down the stairs together.

Syndercombe Court said the testing process would likely take months, as officials scour through remains, search for things like comparison DNA and go through a lengthy verification process. A neighbour was holding Isaac's hand, but the pair became separated and Ms Shawo said she found herself outside with Lucas and her husband.

Despite black smoke filling his flat, he said: "My instinct told me "Just grab your shoes and run out".

Footage has shown the fire travelling up one side of the building, before engulfing the entire block.

British Prime Minister Theresa May is rushed away under heavy police guard after she met residents who live near a tower block in London where at least 30 people died in a fire.

The group eventually gathered on Lancaster Road, near to the methodist church in the shadow of the burned out shell of Grenfell Tower.

Metropolitan Police Commander Stuart Cundy said Friday that 24 people are being treated in the hospital, including 12 in critical care.

One man held a poster of a missing person, and shouted that he wanted to speak to the queenabout lost children.

Near the police cordon where emergency service workers are working to excavate the remains of the block, a auto with flowers on the bonnet carried a printed poster of its owner, now believed to be dead. He has since been staying in a hotel in Earl's Court.

London Police said an investigation had been launched to determine whether the blaze involved any crimes and May announced a public inquiry, a type of probe that's used to investigate issues of major public concern. They left the building immediately, leaving everything behind. "When? They won't give us an exact date".

"I saw those messages and when I saw how the residents immediately turned out with water and clothes and offers of shelter and everything else". It's different class people that are suffering. I know four or five people from Grenfell Tower who are dead. All the surviving residents, many of whom were already very poor, have left is desperate hope - and rising anger.

Hundreds of people, including singer and human rights campaigner Lily Allen, were protesting outside the town hall of Kensington and Chelsea, holding up cardboard signs reading "Justice for Grenfell".

"Now it's all love and prayer, but soon it will turn into, maybe like a war zone". There are tight networks here.

"There's an area that's been evacuated including the surrounding accommodation".

Justice is needed for Grenfell Tower.

"We work closely with the housing sector and local authorities to ensure our high-rise buildings comply with fire safety legislation". "Whether people be able to be rehoused on a temporary basis locally is an open question".

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