May Avoids Debate As Labour Cuts Tory Lead

Green candidate Josh Pope 19

Green candidate Josh Pope 19

This is partly explained by the Brexit frame for the 2017 election - and the fact that, arguably, the Conservative party has now adopted much of Ukip's positioning on this issue, with Theresa May's continued assertion that "Brexit means Brexit" and "no deal is better than a bad deal".

The left wing Labour party is led by Jeremy Corbyn and has its origin in the labour and trade union movements.

But over the past seven days, everything changed.

Kathleen Brooks, research director at City Index Direct, added: "At this late stage of the United Kingdom election campaign, the pollsters are more divided on the size of the Conservative Party's lead than at any other time during the election".

The YouGov poll put the Conservatives on 42 percent, down one point from a comparable poll released May 27, and Labour on 39 percent, up three points, the Times' deputy political editor said in a tweet.

Doubts on the reliability of polling is significant as they failed to predict correctly the 2015 general election, the Brexit result and the U.S president race previous year. What these numbers can't predict is whether the million new young voters, who are now polling at 69% for Labour, will swing a few more seats in Corbyn's favour. Just under a third - 30 per cent of people say they would prefer the Labour leader as prime minister to 43 per cent backing May.

So long, that is, that they do vote.

"Polling analysts note that a lot of support for Labour has come from younger people who tend not to vote, so who knows what will happen on June 8th".

"The reason? Another poll of course!"

The Financial Times said in an editorial that an increased Conservative majority could lead to more hardline Eurosceptics in May's party. The first Labour prime minister, Ramsay MacDonald, took office in 1924 even though Labour had fewer seats than the Conservatives and relying on the tacit support of the Liberals.

The latest YouGov poll of 1,875 adults would lead to Mrs May's party falling 17 seats short of an overall majority and a hung parliament after June 8.

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