Man who threw baby off bridge gets 70 years in prison

Tony Moreno | Middletown Police Department

Tony Moreno | Middletown Police Department

A CT man who threw his baby son to his death off a 90-foot-high bridge is facing a possible life prison sentence on a murder conviction.

A Superior Court jury found Moreno guilty earlier this year of murder and risk of injury to a child.

At the time, a jury took less than a day to convict the father.

Tony Moreno learned his fate today in Middletown Superior Court.

The Judge said he had imposed the maximum sentence the result of a 'culmination of the defendant's ongoing hostility with the baby's mother'.

As Middletown police started to arrive at the scene, Tony Moreno attempted to follow through with his plan to commit suicide and plunged 100 feet into the Connecticut River.

Aaden's mother, Adrianne Oyola, said Wednesday that she has tried to forgive Moreno, but can't. She refused his marriage proposal, and a custody dispute was settled just days before the bridge incident.

Court records show Moreno's relationship with the boy's mother had become strained in the months leading up to Aaden's killing. That restraining order was denied.

"Every time I wake up, I pray the nightmare will be over and my son will be in my arms", Oyola said during the sentencing. "He's dead. Soon I will be too".

On the Sunday night Aaden was thrown from the bridge, Moreno had custody of the baby, according to a joint custody agreement he signed with Oyola just a week earlier.

While on the bridge Tony Moreno told jurors his son, Aaden, slipped out of his hands and fell into the water below. The man previously confessed that he deliberately threw the boy off the bridge.

Moreno also called his mother, Denise Moreno, and told her to come pick up Aaden's stroller and a phone containing pictures of the child.

Officers saw Moreno jump and found an empty baby stroller near the bridge.

Aaden's body was found two days later two miles downstream near the East Haddam Swing Bridge by a canoeist, following an extensive search involving dive teams and helicopters.

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