Venezuelan leader to President Trump: 'Get your pig hands out of here'

Anti-government protesters are met with tear gas fired by security forces as they try to march to the Interior Ministry in Caracas Venezuela Thursday

Venezuelan leader to President Trump: 'Get your pig hands out of here'

At least 43 people have died in the last seven weeks in violence related to the anti-government protests. Maikel Moreno, the president of Venezuela's Supreme Court, and among those sanctioned by the US government, said Friday that Trump's executive order was an attempt to impose its authority over Venezuela's institutions and compromise the judicial branch's independence.

Russian Federation is pledging to send 60,000 tons of wheat to Venezuela each month, helping alleviate a food crisis in the troubled South American country.

It may be one of the richest countries on earth in terms of it's oil reserves, but Venezuela is a mess right now. How is that possible? "And hopefully that will change", said Trump.

US President Donald Trump on Thursday called the situation in Venezuela a "disgrace to humanity" and said the deadly political crisis was possibly the worst of its kind in decades.

Venezuela has responded by condemning the sanctions.

She said that the executive order was one more example of USA attempts to interfere and destabilise Maduro's government and that the president strongly backs the Supreme Court magistrates who are "victims of U.S. imperial power".

Private opinion surveys indicate Maduro is highly unpopular, but he retains the backing of the military and control of most state institutions.

The Treasury said that those targeted "are responsible for a number of judicial rulings in the past year that have usurped the authority of Venezuela's democratically-elected legislature, the National Assembly".

The White House decided a year ago to extend the legislation imposing sanctions against Venezuela until 2019.

Then on Friday, she said Venezuela will take action against the sanctions, describing the judges as "victims of imperial aggression".

USA lawmakers have expressed concerns about Russia's role in the affairs of its South American neighbor, especially as Venezuela's economic situation continues to deteriorate.

The new sanctions come as Maduro is facing increasing pressure at home and overseas to hold elections. The protest in Caracas comes after nearly two months of unrest nationwide in which more than 40 people have been killed. On Thursday, several thousand demonstrators once again disrupted life in Caracas and other cities with protests that ended in clashes with security forces firing tear gas and rubber bullets, leaving more than 50 people injured.

Later in May, Elías José Jaua Milano, who was appointed president of the Commission for the National Constituent Assembly, said in an interview with RT Spanish that Venezuela's major opposition is not interested in taking part in free general elections, and is merely seeking ways to create chaos and violently oust President Nicholas Maduro from office.

The opposition rejects that plan as another attempt by the president to tighten his grip on power, and opposition leaders are calling on Venezuelans to continue to take to the streets in protest.

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