Ryan Seacrest mistakes Jeffrey Tambor for dead Ghost actor

Jeffrey Tambour Kelly Ripa Ryan Seacrest

Jeffrey Tambour Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest on'Live With Kelly & Ryan

"To me, you're the scary guy in the subway in Ghost", Seacrest told his guest. That didn't stop newly-minted Live co-host Ryan Seacrest from mixing up the two during their on-camera interview Tuesday morning.

The entire studio can be heard laughing as Tambor explains to Seacrest that not only is he not that actor, whose name is Vincent Schiavelli, but that the actor in question is dead. "You're gonna be embarrassed", Tambor said.

The actor joked that his reps will contact Seacrest and file a class action lawsuit. While Ripa turned white with embarrassment, Tambor teased Seacrest for the misstep.

Ryan Seacrest had an awkward moment with actor Jeffrey Tambor on Live with Kelly and Ryan this week. "We tried to book Vincent Schiavelli, he's passed away and here I am".

Tambor was on the show to promote his new book, Are You Anybody?

Thankfully, Jeffrey Tambor took the error in good heart, although Seacrest better do more research next time. Seacrest talked about Tambor's roles on Arrested Development, The Larry Sanders Show, and Transparent. In addition, he's hoping that Live With Kelly And Ryan will give him more leeway to bring more shows like American Idol to ABC. This was not a random or coincidental decision on ABC's part. "He's in conversations. His Live deal was made independent of any Idol discussions". "It's a no-brainer. He took the job for Idol and to host Live".

It appears that Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest are already off to a "rocky start", according to Page Six. Filming for Live takes place in NY, which means Seacrest has to fly coast-to-coast every week.

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