WhatsApp pinned chats now available for Android users

WhatsApp pinned chats now available for Android users

New 'pinned chats' feature rolls on WhatsApp for Android

Available previously for beta users of WhatsApp, the pinned chats feature lets the user fix chats of up to three contacts on top of any other chat. The feature has now found its way to official builds and allows users to pin up to three contacts. Simply select the chats you want to pin and tap the icon.

WhatsApp announced the development via a statement which said: "With pinned chats, you never have to worry about scrolling through the long list of conversations to text your family members or your best friend".

In any case, now that it is available to the public, the pinned chats feature will allow users to fix important chats on top of any other chats for easy access. For this user will have to long press the pinned chat and tap on the unpin button.

iOS users will have to wait a bit longer.

Once a chat is pinned, it stays on top of the window, regardless of the recency of the conversation. The pin option will appear on the on top. Users will be able to see any new chats or conversations following the pinned chats. The same mechanism has been put into place here, where you can pin a chat to the top and visit it later for whatever reasons you might have. Choose this and the chat will move down the chain of threads. Similarly, to unpin a chat, tap and hold and you will find the unpin option pop up at the top. That's not it, people have also suggested as to what feature they would like to see next on WhatsApp.

The pinned chat feature is now available only on the Android platform.

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