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The Labour leader stressed that he was not a pacifist and pledged to fully commit to the security of the United Kingdom. Britain's Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn speaks to the media outside the Institute of Engineering in London, where a party meeting took place as they deal with the fallout from the sensational leak of its draft General Election.

Using the Prime Minister's own campaign slogan against her, he warned that re-electing the Conservative into government would result in a "coalition of risk and insecurity" with Donald Trump.

President Donald Trump is expected to sign an executive order on Thursday launching a commission to review alleged voter fraud and voter suppression in the US election system.

Speaking at the Chatham House think-tank in London, Mr Corbyn cautioned against a "bomb first, talk later" approach to foreign policy.

US President Donald Trump appears to be fanning the flames of worldwide conflicts rather than defusing them, but the United Kingdom under Labour leadership would not follow Washington blindly, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said Friday.

However, responding to the speech, Mr Farron said Mr Corbyn "has shown beyond all doubt that he would put Britain's security at risk".

Anthony J Wells, research director at YouGov, said on Polling Report: "Overall the pattern seems to be a slight narrowing of the Tory lead, but it's a case of a truly humungous lead becoming merely a towering one: a lead of fourteen to eighteen points will still deliver a very hefty majority".

The former chair of the Stop the War Coalition used his speech to refute claims that he is a "pacifist" and to assert the need for a new, less interventionist approach to foreign policy.

And the U.S. recently attacked President Assad in Syria in retaliation to a sarin gas attack.

Mr Corbyn began by criticising Western interference in countries such as Afghanistan, Somalia and Yemen, describing "regime change wars" in Iraq, Libya, and Syria as a failure that have "made the world a more risky place". "I accept that military action, under worldwide law, as a genuine last resort, is in some circumstances necessary", he said, adding that Labour would meet a North Atlantic Treaty Organisation target of spending 2 percent of GDP on defence. "In fact, many would say, just the opposite", he said.

"So no more hand-holding with Donald Trump - a Labour government will conduct a robust and independent foreign policy made in Britain", he said, in a dig at May for holding Trump's hand during a visit to Washington earlier this year.

May's Conservatives see Corbyn's opposition to military action and nuclear weapons as a major weakness to be exploited in campaigning for the June 8 election.

"Jeremy Corbyn is simply too weak and shambolic to stand up to terrorists and tyrants who want to do us harm".

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