Wireless charging for electric vehicles demonstrated

Electric cars shown charging while travelling on the test track

Electric cars shown charging while travelling on the test trackQualcomm

We're talking about on the move wireless charging or, as it's officially called, Dynamic Electric Vehicle Charging - or DEVC.

Renault has revealed its vision for the future of electric vehicle recharging.

A demonstration in France has shown how electric vehicles could be charged wirelessly while driving, a technology some believe will help accelerate the adoption of self-driving cars.

Automakers have floated the idea of having utility companies pay for the batteries and lease them to customers, lowering the up-front costs of cars and generating new revenue for those selling electricity, but those concepts haven't developed quickly.

The pseudo-acronym FABRIC stands for FeAsiBility analysis and development of on-Road chargIng solutions for future electriC vehicles and is a €9 million (£7.6m) project, mostly funded by the European Commission.

Driving two modified Renault Kangoo Z.E. vehicles, the team used the Halo wireless electric charging technology to pick up 20 kilowatts of charge while driving in either direction along a linear strip of FABRIC track. "The vehicles can pick up charge in both directions along the track, and in reverse, further showcasing how the Qualcomm Halo DEVC system has been created to support real-world implementation of dynamic charging".

The group isn't the only one considering dynamic charging.

Although powered roadways may not be possible in all areas, residual battery change should be enough to allow vehicles to venture off infrastructure-equipped roads.

Nine European countries and 25 partner companies will undertake testing of the system throughout 2017.

In a five-minute video, director of engineering for Qualcomm New Zealand Mike Kissin explains how DEVC works, and what it would mean for the vehicle industry: "We are inventors, and that's what's enabled us to get where we are with wireless charging technology", said Kissin. "We are a public-private partnership focused on pre-competitive research".

"The installation of one of the world's first DEVC test platforms has provided us with a unique test facility and we look forward to expanding our expertise with the future testing", said VEDECOM CEO Luc Marbach. "We see dynamic charging as a great vision to further enhance the ease of use of EVs, and the accessibility of EVs for all".

Steve Pazol, vice president and general manager, Wireless Charging, Qualcomm Incorporated, said, "We are inventors". For more information, visit Qualcomm's website, OnQ blog, Twitter and Facebook pages.

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