Senate Intelligence Committee leaders demand Comey's notes

President Donald Trump delivered a commencement address Wednesday to graduating cadets at the US Coast Guard AcademySAUL LOEB

President Donald Trump delivered a commencement address Wednesday to graduating cadets at the US Coast Guard AcademySAUL LOEB

Surrounded by multiplying questions, President Donald Trump complained Wednesday that "no politician in history" has been treated worse.

Chaffetz has demanded that the Federal Bureau of Investigation turn over Comey's memos.

The letter was signed by both Republicans and Democrats, Charles Grassley, Dianne Feinstein, Lindsey Graham and Sheldon Whitehouse.

Putin, who has a long record of seizing on foreign crises to make Russia's voice heard, announced during a news conference in Sochi, Russia, that he has a "record" of the USA president's meeting at the White House with two senior Russian officials and was ready to give it to Congress - so long as Trump does not object.

Trump discussed the information during a meeting last week with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and Russia's ambassador to the U.S., Sergey Kislyak, who some have characterized as a spymaster. The FBI is investigating to determine whether Trump or his associates colluded with Russian Federation, although no evidence to support the allegation has surfaced. Yet US allies and some members of Congress have expressed alarm.

Comey's memo - an apparent effort to create a paper trail of his contacts with the White House - would be evidence that president has tried to influence the investigation. He dismissed outrage over Trump's disclosures as United States politicians whipping up "anti-Russian sentiment". "There are people within our own unelected bureaucracy that want to sabotage President Trump and our entire America First movement", the email to Trump's supporters began.

"Look at the way I have been treated lately, especially by the media", he said. "I do (have confidence in Trump)", he told reporters at a news conference. I guess that's why we won. Adversity makes you stronger. Don't give in, don't back down. "And the more righteous your fight, the most opposition you will face". At the time, Comey was overseeing the investigation into ties between Trump associates and Russian Federation, and two incidents concerned him, friends said: during a dinner, Trump asked Comey to pledge his loyalty, and in a meeting at the Oval Office, Trump said he hoped the Russia-linked investigation into Michael Flynn, Trump's former national security adviser, would be canceled; Trump denies this happened.

Flynn made a speech at last year's Republican national convention that handed Trump the party's presidential nomination. Ms. Shiflett's president should clearly be investigated for obstruction of justice.

Rep. Jason Chaffetz, the Republican chair of the House Oversight Committee, is trying to get in touch with former FBI Director James Comey to testify in a public hearing as soon as next week.

John McCain, chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, said late Tuesday that the developments had reached "Watergate size and scale". The existence of the memo was later corroborated by other sources to other outlets.

The day after Flynn's dismissal, Tump implored former FBI Director James Comey to drop the FBI's investigation in Flynn, according to memos written by Comey immediately following the meeting.

The White House vigorously denied it all.

It asked acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe to hand over any notes Comey has of conversations between the White House and Justice Department officials about the Russian Federation probe.

Trump fired Flynn in February from the key White House posting after routine US eavesdropping on foreign officials showed he had lied to Vice President Mike Pence about his contacts with Russia's ambassador to Washington in the weeks before Trump assumed power in late January.

The memo could border on "the legal definition of obstruction of justice", he said. One of the subpoenas, according to the Times, demands "records, research, contracts, bank records, communications" of documents related to Flynn.

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