Google I/O 2017: Top 7 "Android O" features and improvements

Google I/O 2017: Top 7

Google I/O 2017: Top 7 "Android O" features and improvements

Google launched the public beta of the next major version of its mobile operating system, now only known as Android O, at this year's Google I/O developer conference.

Over the years, the I/O conferences seem less about snagging good PR and truly engaging with those who like the company.

The functionality of the Android Instant Apps is not a new, distinct app but just an update to the existing Android app.

Sundar Pichai, chief executive officer of Google, speaks at Google I/O.

As part of the Google I/O 2017 keynote, it was confirmed that Android OS is installed on more than 2 billion devices.

Android smart products keep growing as well.

Expect more leap frogging claims to come. Google Lens is an umbrella term for a load of different camera tech.

- Google said it is cutting the cord on virtual reality headsets with Daydream, which will not require connection to a computer or smartphone. A section that says "optimized for your device" will show you lighter versions of the apps you love, such as Skype and Facebook. For example, if users hold the phone at a store, the store's rating will pop up.

With Android "O" Google has boosted the speed of the system.

With Android O, Google also tries to solve the blank square emoji issue on smartphones running on older Android versions. Point the camera at the Wi-Fi details on the bottom of a router and you'll be automatically connected to the network.

LG has announced that its Signature range of home appliances can now be controlled using Google Assistant and Google Home. Simply unlock your phone, swipe left to right, and there it is: Google Assistant, ready to answer your questions and react to your commands. Google noted that in the next few months, Google Home owners can make free calls to the USA and Canada by either tying it into their cell phone number or using a private number given by Google. The new update will also have a new add a picture-in-picture mode. Entertainment fans can rejoice! Google wants to make a difference to this thanks to AI. It will soon support non-premium Spotify accounts, Soundcloud, and Deezer, and Google will also add Bluetooth support so you can play other stuff directly from your phone, tablet, or laptop as you could with any Bluetooth speaker. Therefore users will get better battery efficiency with their devices. Big vendors such as Amazon (amzn), which is pushing its Alexa speech recognition in the home and increasingly in businesses, want consumers and businesses to use their speech technology to interact with software-while they also collect lots of data about those users in the process. Then, the user can choose to send it or not.

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