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True to her "Daily Show" roots, Bee spent a big portion of her show Wednesday on cable news' response to Comey's firing. Which means another thing the late-night hosts can weave into comic gold.

While almost every cable news show couldn't stress hard enough what a shocking outrageous freakish seismic quake this action was, in last night's episode of Full Frontal, Samantha Bee's description of the fallout felt pretty accurate: following the firing, we got to witness the "slow-motion clusterfuck of impulsiveness and ineptitude that this White House is famous for".

"As of yesterday afternoon, the only Federal Bureau of Investigation drama most Americans expected to unfold on TV were the upcoming seasons of "Twin Peaks" and 'The X-Files, '" Bee joked. Trump meeting with, of all people, former Secretary of State in the Nixon administration Henry Kissinger, the day after the firing, underlining the Nixion comparison made by many (Nixon fired a special prosecutor investigating Watergate). Given all the available options, hiding in the bushes with Sean Spicer doesn't seem like the worst path.

Also, as Bee pointed out, CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin appearing on just about every show on the network saying that everything that's happening "is not normal".

"Our dumb Democracy ran into a wall with a bucket on its head again", Bee surmised, before referring to Comey's firing as just the latest example of the "slow-motion clusterf-k of impulsiveness and ineptitude that this White House is famous for". If you've managed not to follow the story, it is truly weird, from the odd firing letter to Sean Spicer hiding in shrubbery to Putin's "space hockey" interview outfit.

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