Star Wars Battlefront 2 Full Trailer And Release Date Shoots Out

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is released on December 15.

The Star Wars Celebration fan gathering in Orlando, Florida wrapped up on Sunday evening, but not before Star Wars fans were treated to more announcements and trailers than they knew what to do with.

In the mythos of "Star Wars", the tale has always unfolded from the perspective of the Rebellion in the quest to get out from under the Emperor's thumb. Players will also encounter and play as heroes and villains throughout the "Star Wars" franchise.

This news comes straight from Lucasfilm head Kathleen Kennedy, and contradicts recent comments made by Fisher's brother, Todd Fisher, that the actress would appear in Episode IX using previously-shot footage. Even John Boyega - yes, Finn from The Force Awakens - agreed that it should have had a single-player campaign. That means getting to play as six different factions, from the Republic and Empire to the First Order and Separatists. Mark Thompson, Game Director at Motive Studios who are making the game alongside DICE and Criterion, explains, "When you see the Death Star II explode in the movies, it's celebrated as a victory. Get ready to team up with your friends from the comfort of your couch as the two of you battle across the Star Wars universe". The multiplayer can accommodate up to maximum of 40 players, and the new fields of battlefields include station of Starkiller, Theed, Takodana, Mos Eisley, Endor, Hoth and others. Space combat, where you'll pilot ships like the X-Wing and Millennium Falcon, will host up to 24 players.

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