Amazon's Echo now does Google better than Google itself does

Above Amazon Echo Image Credit Amazon

Above Amazon Echo Image Credit Amazon

I really like the Google Home; it's easier to interact with than the Amazon Echo, and seems to stumble less when trying to understand what I'm saying. Meanwhile, Alexa already offers support for a slew of other calendar applications like Outlook Calendar and Office 365 Calendar so yeah, you can pretty much stay on top of your day with Alexa, regardless of the calendar you use.

While this innovation in and of itself may not be all that shocking, as Amazon first allowed users to add new calendar events via their voice last April, it's interesting to note that this isn't something that you can do with even Google's own smart home hub - Google Home. With the addition of support for G Suite calendars, it expands Alexa's abilities which could come in handy at home or in the office since it does support multiple calendar options. Amazon announced the same today, adding that the change will extend to all Alexa powered devices.

The problem was that the Home could only use my calendar and Google-account info - my wife was left in the cold.

To set up any of the calendar features, all you have to do is head to the settings section of the accompanying Alexa app and hit the "calendar" button, then follow the on-screen instructions. And while Google Home has also been stepping up its own game, its relatively new status (at least, when compared to the Echo), certainly puts it at a disadvantage.

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