Lutron partners with Google Home

Lutron partners with Google Home

Lutron partners with Google Home

Previously, Google Home only supported a single user account, which meant you could only fetch information about one person's calendar. The users can now link their Google accounts to the Home and train the Assistant for the sake of recognizing them by speaking wake words like "OK Google" or "Hey Google" a few times so that Google's neural network may learn to recognize the sound of their voice.

When one of you says, "Hey, Google, tell me about my day", your personal calendar and traffic report will be referenced.

As it stands, the lack of multi-user support is a nuisance.

Those of you with a husband or kids or a roommate will appreciate Google Home's latest update.

When you connect your account on a Google Home, we ask you to say the phrases "Ok Google" and "Hey Google" two times each.

Unlike Siri or Google Assistant, both of which reside on people's smartphones, smart speakers act as a hub, a central control panel that aims to help members of the household finish perform tasks or control smart home devices.

But how, exactly, will Google Home know your voice from that of your 6-year-old's? When his partner (who has a similar voice) asks the same question, it gives him separate, account-specific information about his schedule.

The latest addition to Google Home's growing skillset is support for multiple users. Google even mentions that the feature makes sure that "only you would be able to shop via Google Home". The same can be said of Osram lights jumping on the Google Home bandwagon.

Moreover, you can set your personalized music and commute through the Google Home App.

Despite the technological advance, Google's voice-distinction feature won't prevent unauthorized users from activating the assistant. You should find a notification there that also says Multi-user is now available. For Home owners in the United Kingdom, the update will roll out "in the coming months".

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