Kansas Republican wins congressional seat in special election

Chris Pumpelly, a spokesman for his campaign, said Thompson would run for the seat again in 2018.

Even with Estes' victory, winning majority support for tough votes in Congress could become even more hard if more Republicans see a chance of danger in the 2018 elections, though Republicans have noted that special elections are unpredictable by nature. The Republican Congressional Campaign Committee dumped $130,000 into the race.

Last night in the Kansas special election in Congressional District 4, Trump-embracing Republican Ron Estes only beat progressive Democrat James Thompson by a mere 6.8 points.

Ron Estes, the GOP state treasurer, was buoyed by an 11th-hour intervention from national Republicans, Vice President Mike Pence, and Trump himself in his bid to retain the seat of former Rep. Mike Pompeo, who is now the Central Intelligence Agency director.

"The Associated Press says Republican Ron Estes has won the special House election to replace Mike Pompeo". That is a far narrower margin than the 27-point edge Trump enjoyed when he won the district in the 2016 presidential race. "I realized this was important".

Because of the deathly pallor that Brownback casts on the Republican party in Kansas, the results of this special election are not terribly instructive as to the current state of public sentiment toward the Republican party as a whole. She was especially upset when the Republican governor recently vetoed Medicaid expansion. Estes did not focus on Trump in his race, and although he is expected to be a reliable vote for Republicans in the House, he opposed the GOP health-care bill that was pulled before the congressional recess. With a approval rating of negative 35-57 percent, Trump's presidency could spell disaster for Republicans in 2017's special elections and in the 2018 midterms.

In the final days of the race, Texas Sen.

Meanwhile, the Democratic Campaign Committee has not spent money to help Thompson at all - and the Kansas State Democratic Party rejected his requests for funding mailers.

The race had been closely watched nationally for signs of a backlash against Republicans or waning support from Trump voters in a reliably GOP district. "The reason I went up to campaign there is that we had a vacant congressional seat, and the numbers were looking close".

David Carron, 50, showed up to vote dressed in his U.S. Army uniform with his wife, Crystal, to show their support for Trump. The president joined the effort for Estes through social media and get-out-the-vote calls. If he had been a state senator, he would have started with 70,000 people and better name recognition, Loomis said. Thompson has called the Kansas congressional election more of a referendum on Brownback than on Trump. Cruz told about 200 people who came to a GOP rally Monday that the Democratic hard-core base is going to show up for the special election.

"The radical left is filled with fury right now", Cruz said of the momentum. Dan Glickman (D) was swept out by a Republican electoral victory wave in 1994 fueled in part by anti-abortion activists. The district has been hard hit by the downturn in the agricultural economy and the loss of hundreds of well-paying, blue-collar jobs in aircraft manufacturing plants.

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