Putin says Russian people will choose his successor via ballot box

Putin says Russian people will choose his successor via ballot box

Putin says Russian people will choose his successor via ballot box

These documents were acquired by US intelligence officials and were the basis of what led USA officials to blame Russian Federation for meddling, the report said.

The April 19 Reuters report cited three current and four former us officials who spoke on condition of anonymity.

The first leaked document includes a strategy applied in June 2016, that recommended the initiation of a propaganda campaign unfolded on social media and worldwide press.

According to four of the sources, the June strategy paper expanded on Putin's earlier strategy from March 2016, in which Moscow allegedly instructed state-backed media outlets such as Sputnik News and RT to produce more pro-Trump content. The other document, which was prepared last October, warned that Hillary Clinton was expected to win and that Russian Federation should end the propaganda effort and instead focus on promoting the idea of US voter fraud to undermine faith in the election system.

It said they described two confidential documents that were prepared by the Moscow-based Russian Institute for Strategic Studies and acquired by USA intelligence officials.

Russian military command did not comment on the troop movements, but experts believe the forces will be on hand ifconflict erupts between Kim and US President Donald Trump.

The FBI is investigating whether the Trump campaign coordinated its efforts with the Russians.

Russia Today's most popular Clinton video - "How 100% of the 2015 Clintons" "charity' went to. themselves" - accumulated nine millions views on social media, according to the January report. "He doesn't plan to attack anyone just for the sake of it", said Kiselyov, who was a cheerleader for state TV's strong anti-American tone under the Obama administration and once said Moscow could turn the United States into radioactive ash.

The clever scam is related to the 2016 presidential election and is also meant to undermine the elector's trust when it comes to the American electoral system, reports Reuters. The docs don't, however, mention the release of hacked Democratic Party emails, an operation that officials told Reuters was coordinated by a separate part of the Kremlin.

The Pentagon downplayed the incident but many foreign policy observers pointed to it as a Russian attempt to remind the president that it won't be bullied by the U.S.

The report said the think tank produced two documents.

Asmolov, from the Russian Far Eastern Institute, warned that in the event of full-scale war "hungry asylum seekers will flood into Russia".

On Jan. 31, the websites of Putin's office and the institute posted a picture and transcript of Reshetnikov and his successor Fradkov meeting with Putin in the Kremlin.

- Both China and Russian Federation believe President Trump is willing and capable of ordering a strike on North Korea.

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