Uber Central lets businesses offer you a free ride

Uber Central May Destroy Corporate Car Service Accounts

Uber opens up ride-hailing service for companies

However the app only limits one vehicle per app, meaning that if you're trying to hail multiple rides for yourself and your friends/family members then you'll need more than one phone, but that has changed with the launch of Uber Central.

Under the newly launched Uber Central, companies will be able to offer on-demand, door-to-door transportation for their customers, clients, and guests at a large scale. Apart from this, with the Uber for Business platform, organisations using Central get access to the digital billing, reporting, and management tools to manage transportation operations.

Lots of people don't know this, but ride-hailing app maker Uber has a separate business-related service called, plainly enough, Uber for Business. This shifts the focus away from standard business travel toward giving a company whatever it needs for the first and last mile, something that Uber has been dedicated to providing.

Using Uber for Business, administrators can set limits on which approved users can request rides from selected services at selected times. Operators can track real-time status of the ride as well as ETAs.

Uber Central is similar to the consumer version of Uber, except multiple cars can be ordered at once. It features a intuitive new control board interface that enables users to see and do everything from a single screen, from requesting new rides to monitoring ongoing requests and active trips. From the Uber Central dashboard, which can be managed remotely or back at company headquarters, Agero staffers booked rides from any location where motorists may have been stranded. Many businesses were using complex workarounds to order more than one auto simultaneously, Uber representatives said. This limitation was fine for customers who require individual cab rides, but is an issue for the businesses which need to call several Ubers at a time. Uber Central is a great example of such innovation. Travis Bogard, Uber's global general manager, said that is now left up to the company. Uber Central, which falls under the Uber for Business umbrella, will follow the same pricing model. Left doesn't now have a similar product, which gives Uber an advantage in a rough-and-tumble market.

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