Nintendo Switch System Update 2.2.0 Now Available

Nintendo Switch console

EXPRESS NEWSPAPERSNintendo Switch gets a new update

Before the arrival of the Switch you could expect all eShop games to arrive on a Thursday. While some people didn't notice anything wrong with their Switch, it was necessary according to Nintendo and a few users who felt like something was "off" about the gaming console. These apps give you misleading information about computer problems that aren't really there, then ask you to pay to fix them. If you see ads for them online, don't download anything, because it's a scam.

Thus the impatient (or just plain mischievous) may be lured by promises of software that runs Switch games on a computer.

The Federal Trade Commission warns gamers that downloading unofficial emulators can install unwanted programs on their computers, sending out false alerts of software problems that require money to fix. Furthermore, the development team is working on Wii U to Nintendo Switch world transfers.

With the scarcity of the Nintendo Switch, the idea of getting hold of an emulator can be awfully attractive.

Here's the FTC's list of guidelines to avoid the scam, all arguably obvious enough not to bother repeating, but presented here because that last one made me smile.

The FTC advises that you simply shouldn't risk downloading a supposed emulator, and don't fill out any surveys that promise to provide you with an "unlock code" at the end.

The update should apply automatically if your Switch is connected to the internet. Installing unknown programs can lead to malware. If so, what did you think about it?

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