Augmented Reality: the battle between Facebook and Snapchat has begun

The Camera Effects platform is created to be compatible with future augmented reality hardware, such as eyeglasses but in the meantime the effects will be available inside Facebook's Camera feature on smartphones.

Or, Zuckerberg explained at Facebook's annual F8 developer conference on 19 April, "you can add a second coffee mug, so it looks like you're not having breakfast alone".

Facebook is allowing developers to sign up for closed beta of the platform's AR studio tool. Wood said that Facebook is moving away from virtual reality on its Oculus Rift platform and toward augmented reality on your phone, something its competitor Snapchat is already doing.

When Zuckerberg was asked if Facebook had stopped innovating, he said that the company was preparing its products for the unified Camera Effects Platform.

The other camera effect is the Frame studio.

"That you can access from the existing Facebook app's camera, theoretically opening the door for Facebook to host the next "Pokémon Go" phenomenon", he said.

Yesterday, at the F8 event organized by Facebook, CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that the social networking site in investing in an AR platform, which could enhance images users share via their smartphone cameras.

While Snapchat's offering to developers is limited to geofilters, Facebook has invited its worldwide developer community to use its tools to create geofilters, filters, masks, etc. AR has also enabled people to assemble a virtual human brain or hang out with a hologram of Mad Men star Jon Hamm, writes The Australian Financial Review. Facebook's new virtual reality app will make it feel like you're in the same room as friends, or on the same beach, garden or park - the new VR app can transport your avatar anywhere. However, he also has predicted that the augmented-reality platform will soon be incorporated into eyeglasses as well.

Mike Schroepfer, Facebook's chief technology officer, gave another example: "Let's say I took a wonderful vacation photo and a windsurfer rudely interrupted my view". Developers will now work to create applications that maximise this platform.

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