You can now use Instagram offline on your Android Smartphone

Android users rejoice. Not just YouTube you can now ‘go offline’ on Instagram too

Instagram app

You will be able to still see the content that was previously loaded before you lost Internet. Additionally, the offline capabilities are only added to the Android app, and not the iOS one, probably due to the more restrictive nature of Apple's OS, when it comes to app development. Instagram is already testing this offline mode feature in the beta version of its Android app. Screenshots from Android Police show the app providing messages saying you're offline and the actions will be "updated when you're connected". Activities such as likes, unfollow, comments, and uploaded media can be viewed as soon as you get back online.

Sure, most of the people that visit this site don't necessarily care about an Instagram offline mode, but this is huge globally for those areas that lack our kinds of connectivity.

Previously, users wouldn't be able to do anything with the app.

With the increase in the number of monthly active users, Instagram seems to have chose to follow the footprints of the Facebook app. Facebook is reportedly exploring the possibility of offline mode for Instagram on the iPhone, but they haven't confirmed whether the feature will ever roll out. I was able to use the "like" feature in New York City, but none of the others.

Facebook-owned Instagram has every reason to be proud of its recent achievement.

More and more brands are seeing its creative service. "Instagram's mission is to help people connect through shared experiences". In the roadmap, the picture-sharing app will be introducing a tool that allows consumers to book an appointment directly from their Instagram profiles. Google Play Music uses artificial intelligence to cache music it believes you will like.

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