Nintendo Switch Exceeds Forecast with 2.4 Million Sales in the First Month

Nintendo via Twitter

Nintendo via Twitter

Jayce Wagner for Digital Trends see that this is possible in consideration with Nintendo's product development cycle for the Switch console.

According to Nintendo, over 906,000 Switch consoles were sold in the month of March, making it the company's fastest selling console to date. The company cited data from NPD Group, an industry tracker. Not only does that figure represent the most consoles ever sold during the first month of availability, but in happened in what is considered a non-traditional month for a console launch. The Wii introduced motion controls to the console scene, while the Wii U integrated an LCD into the control pad.

The Nintendo Switch game sold more copies than the console itself, IGN notes.

Breath of the Wild sold even better. Citing numbers from NPD (so we're talking North America here), the Switch sold over 906,000 consoles in March, with Breath of the Wild moving 925,000+ copies for Switch and nearly 460,000 for Wii U-also not a bad number, considering that the (roughly ten million) Wii U owners are mostly Nintendo diehards who were likely to buy a Switch anyway.

According to information on, there is now a healthy supply of stock in Argos stores for the Neon Nintendo Switch and limited Nintendo Switch Grey units also available. Nintendo offers an explanation for this, however, stating that it might be from folks who bought both the limited edition and a second version to actually play. "With its various play modes and the innovative features of the Joy-Con controllers, Nintendo Switch provides unique experiences that people can take with them anywhere and share with anyone". On top of that, if a mini version did come out in 2019, it will be released relatively quickly following the release of the original Nintendo Switch.

As reported by Venturebeat, research firm Superdata has revealed the estimated worldwide sales for the Nintendo Switch in March 2017. Those sales are surprising considering no other Nintendo console has reached that scale. With the launch of "Mario Kart 8 Deluxe" in April and "Splatoon 2" this July, there are some major exclusive games for the Switch on the horizon. For more information, keep an eye on Nintendo's investor relations page at

However, that wasn't all because Nintendo also unveiled 13 new games which are coming to the system in the coming months. The quality leap is great when compared to the Nintendo 3DS.

Nintendo's new video game console, the Switch, is a hit. A wholly owned subsidiary, Nintendo of America Inc., based in Redmond, Wash., serves as headquarters for Nintendo's operations in the Americas.

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