Instagram hits 1m monthly advertisers, driven by small businesses

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Facebook (FB) owned Instagram has doubled the number of active advertisers it had in September, reporting that it now has 1 million active advertisers. Advertising on Instagram can be quite fruitful for these firms, especially since as many as 400 million people are using the app every day.

Users will be able to book appointments for things like haircuts by visiting a company's profile and tapping a button to schedule such appointments. About 8 million businesses now use profiles on Instagram, which the app is working to link to Facebook business profiles, Quarles said.

Having such a feature expands the means by which Instagram can generate revenue as a promotional tool for businesses, and improve its functionality for its end-users. James Quarles, who is the head of advertising at Instagram, says the appeal of the site goes beyond the raw numbers. The number of marketers on has risen together with the number of "business profiles" on the app. It's free for any user or business to sign up for the service, and over 8 million businesses have now joined its more than 600 million individual users.

80 per cent of Instagrammers now follow at least one business, and in the last month, over 120m Instagrammers visited a website, received directions, called, emailed or direct-messaged to learn about a business.

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