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The firm today confirmed its online store would be down - a usual sign of incoming new products. But fans hoping to get their hands on the devices may be left waiting longer than the estimated March release date. Apart from this, there were also other sources that suggested that Apple could possibly launch new products this month.

According to Apple's official system status page, which was updated early Monday morning, the company's website will apparently be undergoing maintenance between the hours of 3:00 am and 8:30 am on Tuesday, March 21st - fueling speculation that at least some of those exciting new products could be posted to the online store within that timeframe. In this case, it shows the store unavailable from 3 AM until 8:30 AM eastern time, which coincides with the down time we typically see when new products or refreshes come out.

Apple's next iPad Pro model is expected to arrive in a 12.9-inch variant, a 9.7-inch variant and an all-new 10.5-inch variant. Do you think Apple is planning to release new products?

This will allow the Cupertino company to dramatically reduce the size of the bezels around the display, except for the bezel along the top of the device, which contains the FaceTime camera and is said to remain.

Why shut the site for so long if not to add some new stuff? We've been hearing that Apple might be updating it to include a 128GB storage option, bringing it in line with other new iPhones.

The site also reports that the existing 12.9-inch iPad Pro will be getting the True Tone display, which is now limited to the 9.7-inch model. This means that it will probably be priced at $399 and that it will be powered by an A9X processor which will also power the large 12.9 inch model. The same was also said by Japanese blogger Mac Otakara who anticipates that the new iPad Pro models will be unveiled at the said event.

Apple has been contacted for comment concerning the delay of the launch of the trio of new iPads, but is yet to respond.

With so many products desperately needing upgrades, any sort of updates could be warranted.

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