Amazon's app will now tell Prime users if their outfit looks good

Amazon ‘Outfit Compare’ tool tells you which of two outfits looks better

Amazon's new Outfit Compare feature will judge your clothing for you

However, Amazon says that the decision will be made after considering factors like fitting, color, trending and so on. Then you'll get a verdict from an Amazon stylist, telling you which look you ought to go for. The latest version of its shopping app comes with an "Outfit Compare" tool that judges your clothing. The FAQ section notes that your photos "may be viewed only by qualified Amazon staff", and notes that its fashion specialists come from a variety of fashion-related backgrounds, but it's still hard to believe that Amazon has an army of fashion experts waiting at your beck and call to tell you which shirt to wear.

But with a new feature the company is quietly releasing, Amazon is getting in on the fashion game. If you want to try Outfit Compare, use the Amazon for iOS app. Amazon claims the experts are from the fashion industry, retail, editorial, creative and styling fields. For instance, you can delete the pictures once you have received the advice you seek and they will be removed from your Amazon account as well - so no worries you see. The company has hired a slew of specialized fashion stylist and it is actually them, who will be working to provide you with their advice on what to wear. In about a minute, a fashion specialist will respond to let you know which outfit looks better on you.

Of course, Amazon isn't profiting in a visible way.But, the feature could bring more footfalls to the Amazon eventually, the stylists could even recommend stuff folks can buy from Amazon to compliment their outfit and make it better.

TechCrunch broke the news, noting that a version is in the works for the Amazon app for Android, as well. The options include "We like this better", "Definitely pick this one", and "It was a close call".

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