Position on Kashmir not affected by CPEC: China

Mass production of aircraft, missiles top of agenda at Pak-China military meet: Experts

China, Pakistan step up military ties to boost CPEC

China and Pakistan, with which India shares border conflicts, have entered into a military cooperation under which Pakistan would be authorised by China to produce ballistic missiles, cruise missiles and a multi-role combat aircraft for it. The talks will consolidate and deepen military exchanges between China and Pakistan, while new cooperation on military techniques might also be discussed, Song said. By joining Pakistan in building missiles, China may seem to be encouraging violation of United Nations resolutions, as it saw it.

"Pakistan is willing to work with China to firmly fight against the terrorist forces, so as to guarantee a complete success of the CPEC project", Bajwa said.

Earlier, the Chiese foreign ministry said then that the "UN Security Council has explicit regulations on whether India can develop ballistic missiles capable of carrying nuclear weapons".

The CPEC passes through the region and it is strategically crucial for India as it connects China, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Central Asia. On Thursday, he met Executive Vice Premier Zhang Gaoli, Vice Chairman Central Military Commission General Fan Changlong, Chief of Joint Services Department General Fang Funghui and General Li Zuocheng Commander People's Liberation Army (PLA). Agni-V, the 5000 km range intercontinental ballistic missile was widely regarded as a strategic missile meant for China as it can reach nearly all parts of Chinese mainland.

China's assent to produce ballistic missiles, cruise missiles, anti-aircraft missiles, anti-ship missiles and main battle tanks with in Pakistan is also on the agenda, he added.

Talking to Global Times, Song Zhongping, a former officer of the PLA Second Artillery Corps (which has now been renamed as PLA Rocket Force), said that joint production with Pakistan will not only cover missiles but also extend to other weapons. Comprising a number of development projects, the multi-billion CPEC project will connect Pakistan and China through networks of roads and railways.

The two countries agreed to enhance anti-terrorism cooperation at the meeting, vowing to resolutely strike against terrorist forces including the East Turkestan Islamic Movement active in China's restive Xinjiang which is the connecting point of the CPEC.

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