Spring could bring Arctic snow and ice, Met Office warns

Snow Forecast This Week

Forecasters issue snow and ice warning for North Ayrshire

BRITAIN will be colder than Moscow as temperatures plunge to below zero on Monday night, with forecasters warning that ice and snow could cause travel chaos.

Mr Madge added: 'During the week, there is a likelihood we will see wintry showers in parts of north England as well on high ground and there will be a mix of hail, sleet and snow'.

The Met Office has warned of the potential for snow, ice and lightning affecting parts of western Scotland overnight Monday and Tuesday. 1 to 3 cm snowfall is likely across many areas above 100-200 metres away from west-facing coasts whilst 5 cm or more is likely to settle above around 300 metres.

Temperatures will range from 4 to 7 degrees but windy conditions in the morning will make it seem much colder.

Up to 30mm of rain is expected to fall in parts of the country on Monday, with torrential showers and gales battering the United Kingdom as the climate turns wintry - despite it being the Spring Equinox.

Temperatures will plummet, dropping below freezing in many parts and reaching as low as -4C in some places overnight.

Wednesday and Thursday are also forecast to be cold days with moderate to fresh northerly winds, making if feel extra cold. On Thursday showers are likely to turn wintry on high ground in the east. Frost again on both Wednesday and Thursday night. It's likely to become milder by day with sunshine, but nights will stay cold with an ongoing chance of frost.

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