Flight attendant dancing to Britney's 'Toxic' earns CEO's praise

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But for Assraf Nasir, a flight attendant on Malaysian carrier AirAsia, dancing to Britney became his ticket to earn his CEO's applause and netizens' recognition online.

Nasir then makes his way to one of the aisles on the empty Airbus A330, where he perfectly imitates Spears' dance moves from her live performances of "Toxic", as seen on her 2004 Onyx Hotel Tour, choreographed by Brian Friedman. It also got picked up by 9GAG - gathering more than 9 million views and 53 thousand shares on Facebook.

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One Facebook member said: 'It's not as though he's doing it in the middle of rush hour.

Another user called Itsnighthunt said: "This is incredible, adore it!" When reached for comment, he redirected me to an AirAsia spokesperson, who has yet to respond to my inquiries.

Some people have speculated that the flight attendant could lose his job after the video surfaced. "Love it that staff can just have fun and be themselves", read the caption. In the video, shared to Twitter by Farhan Rzman recently, Nasir is seen in his star turn delivering a pure fire version of "Toxic".

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