Bernie Sanders says 'delusional' Donald Trump could move United States into 'authoritarian mode'

Maybe he was watching CNN fake news.

When asked about Democrats who have questioned whether Trump has mental health issues, Sanders said that he's never attacked Trump for being mentally ill. With a vengeance. During an interview with CNN's Erin Burnett on Friday, Sanders slammed President Trump, using perhaps his strongest language against the president to date. That is delusional. Nobody in the world believes that is the case.

CNN responded to Trump's tweet with a transcript of the interview. He went on to say that he's concerned the country is moving into a more authoritarian mode.

Following a short uncomfortable pause, Sanders quickly added "It was a joke", before his sound feed was cut.

Trump was quick to seize on the glitch and suggest Sanders was shut off for questioning the network. All along Sanders defended himself claiming that he didn't feel good using such harsh terms to describe Trump.

The White House did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

"I disagreed with George Bush all the time - never called him a pathological liar, because he was not".

Trump's tweet, however, mischaracterized the reality of the Sanders-Burnett exchange.

Sanders, a failed presidential candidate and independent senator from Vermont, also took Trump to task for attacks on the media and the judiciary. Last week, Sanders had called President Trump "a fraud" for abandoning his campaign promises and going back to bed with Wall Street.

Burnett picked up the interview after the break, going on for nine more minutes to ask Sanders about the administration's contentious travel ban, the Republican plans to replace the Affordable Care Act and Trump's attacks on Democratic Sen.

Burnett then replied: 'I know it was a joke.

In a press conference days before his January 20 inauguration, Trump refused to take questions from a CNN correspondent over the network's coverage of a so-called dossier that linked the president to Russian Federation.

President Donald J. Trump and Vice President Mike Pence. "Then he has all of the big Wall Street guys on his side, and now he is working for Wall Street".

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